Silk Pillowcases That Can Help Prevent Facial Wrinkles While You Sleep

Most of us are familiar with the basic rules of skin care, like always washing your makeup off before bed, incorporating a retinol in your routine and staying diligent with SPF. One thing that is often overlooked is how you sleep and, more specifically, what you are sleeping on. The fabric of your pillowcase plays … Read more

Anti-Wrinkle Foods – 19 Superfoods for Reducing Wrinkles

This section of’s Nutrition Guide to Reducing Wrinkles presents 19 superfoods that can help reverse and reduce the formation of wrinkles and keep your skin firm. These anti-wrinkle foods are packed with nutrients that can help you achieve a radiant, wrinkle-free complexion. For more information about nutrients that can help reduce wrinkles, check out … Read more

Skin Care to Prevent Wrinkles, Aging Skin, and Dry Skin

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Dry Skin, Loose Skin, and More

Our skin is at the mercy of many forces as we age: sun, harsh weather, and bad habits. But we can take steps to help our skin stay supple and fresh-looking. How your skin ages will depend on a variety of factors: your lifestyle, diet, heredity, and other personal habits. For instance, smoking … Read more