Disease Susceptibility and Cognitive Performance

Cognitive function and other physiological factors, such as stress levels, have long been associated with physiological health and immunocompetence. Markers of cognitive function, such as reaction time, vigilance, and processing speed, are central to human ability and optimal performance. Variability in these measures is common, as numerous environmental, physical, and mental factors can modify them, … Read more

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Ask and you shall receive. On March 23, Christina Applegate took Candace Owens up on her call to be educated about inclusivity.  In her latest show of faux outrage, conservative talking head Candace Owens went on a rant about a Skims ad campaign that featured a model in a wheelchair. “I don’t really understand how … Read more

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I eventually turned to the internet to find other people who were going through the same thing. Through social media—specifically Instagram—I found a lively, empathetic community. I was able to connect with others who were also struggling, share thoughts and questions about treatment plans, and foster emotional connections with people who understood what it was … Read more

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