Editor’s Picks: I Tried This Brightening Eye Cream & Here’s How It Went

[ad_1] Dark undereye circles can be incredibly stubborn. For me, they’ve always been a source of self-consciousness, making me look more exhausted than I actually am. Despite my best efforts with color corrector and concealer (yes, I’ve tried Tarte Shape Tape), these dark circles have a way of peeking through. So, when the Eminence Organics … Read more

I Have Endometriosis. Here Are the Excruciating Symptoms Doctors Dismissed for 10 Years – Lose Weight in Your Hips

[ad_1] Soon after that appointment, I had a really bad flare. I couldn’t walk. I was beyond dizzy, and it was just so painful that I thought I was dying. I headed back to the ER, where a doctor said, “You might want to look into interstitial cystitis,” a chronic condition that causes bladder pain, … Read more

Considering Cellular Senescence in Macrophages – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Cells become senescent in response to damage, a toxic environment, the signaling of nearby senescent cells, or, most commonly, because they reach the Hayflick limit on replication. Senescent cells cease replication and begin to secrete pro-inflammatory signals, attracting the attention of the immune system. With advancing age he aged immune system becomes less … Read more

Inducing Low Body Temperature via Torpor Slows Aging in Mice – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Inducing Low Body Temperature via Torpor Slows Aging in Mice Past evidence has suggested that the lowered body temperature characteristic of calorie restriction is important to the slowed aging that results in short-lived mammals. One might compare that to the strong evidence for upregulated autophagy to be the driving factor in slowed aging … Read more

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Fast—And Get Back to Breathing Normally – Lose Weight in Your Hips

[ad_1] Blowing your nose to oblivion without dislodging any of the snot clogging it is the physiological equivalent of screaming into the void: Sheer force won’t change the reality of what you’re dealing with. In the blocked-nose situation, at least, you’ve got other options. There are easy, effective ways to help you inhale normally, even … Read more

Proximate Causes of Increased Transposon Expression with Age – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] In today’s open access paper, researchers here look at some of the proximate causes of transposable element activation, the details of the epigenetic and transcriptional issues. It is well known that transposable element activity increases with age. These are sequences capable of self-replication in the genome, the remnants of ancient retroviral infections. Transposon … Read more