What To Expect At A4M’s Can’t-Miss Chicago Event

The anticipation is building as we gear up for the biggest weekend in Chicago – A4M’s September event between September 29th and October 1st. Practitioners from across the country will gather in the birthplace of anti-aging medicine for this highly anticipated event. For over 30 years, A4M has led the charge in advancing functional medicine, integrative hormone … Read more

A Call for Matching Donors for the LEV Foundation “Robust Mouse Rejuvenation 2” Fundraiser – Fight Aging!

The Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation was founded by Aubrey de Grey to address an important missing aspect of the ongoing work to produce treatments that target the underlying mechanisms of aging. While the research and development community has made sizable strides in the past decade, and the first rejuvenation therapies now exist in … Read more

How to Protect the Teens You Love from Diet Culture BS – Lose Weight in Your Hips

She shares that she had her own “aha moment” about this when her now-preteen daughter was two years old: “She repeated something negative that I had said about my body and I was pretty shaken by it.” Sole-Smith decided right then to make a conscious effort not to comment on how other people’s bodies look—that … Read more

24 Best Home Workout Equipment, According to Fitness Experts 2023 – Lose Weight in Your Hips

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This week on Instagram, the shift in seasons brought on a whole new spread of simple pleasures. Jamie Lee Curtis and Ina Garten both welcomed soup season with comfort classics: Jamie Lee tried her hand at a new chicken noodle recipe, while Ina broke out a beloved Barefoot Contessa grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. … Read more

Dry Brushing Your Skin Has Legit Benefits, According to Experts – Lose Weight in Your Hips

To be clear, those dimples are totally normal, extremely common, and don’t deserve the hate they get. But more to the point of this article, these promises and anecdotal endorsements are misleading, Dr. Gohara says. The increased blood flow from dry brushing may make skin appear plumper and less dimpled temporarily, but no products—including creams, … Read more

3 Things to Do If Heart Problems Are Messing With Your Sleep – Lose Weight in Your Hips

Good sleep can be tough to come by when you have a heart condition—nearly three quarters of people with heart failure in particular say they have trouble getting quality rest.1 And, as you might’ve guessed, crappy sleep itself can contribute to heart problems. One 2020 study of nearly 409,000 people found that those who slept … Read more

6 Celebrities on What It’s Like to Be Immunocompromised – Lose Weight in Your Hips

In 2011, after withdrawing from the US Open due to illness, Venus Williams was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune condition characterized by joint pain, fatigue, and its hallmark symptoms: dry eyes and dry mouth. It took the tennis player seven years of feeling “off” to finally get answers about her condition, she said in … Read more

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No one is immune to a bad mental health day. Not even Only Murders in the Building star Selena Gomez, who recently shared one of the self-care strategies she relies on to care for her health when overwhelming bipolar disorder symptoms strike. During a candid conversation at the Music and Health Summit in Los Angeles … Read more

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