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How do I find out my skin type?
How does your face feel when you’ve washed it? If you leave it for 20 minutes or so and then check your skin, is it tight? If so you could be dehydrated/dry.
What does your makeup look like? If you use powder and are oily by lunchtime, you are probably oilier.
If you have visible spots, I would work with ‘combination’.
If you look in the mirror and think ‘just looks like me’ you probably have a balanced skin. Lucky you!
If you have flaky, sore skin you are potentially dry and/or sensitised.

What products do I need to start a routine?
Cleanser, moisturiser, SPF. That’s it.
Or: cleanser and a moisturiser containing SPF in the morning. Just don’t sleep in SPF!

What should my teenager be using for spots?
A good face wash. Try Sam Farmer.
Murad Clarifying Body Spray for spots on body, especially their back.
Hygiene is key, such as changing pillowcases regularly.
If acne is making your teenager miserable and clearly affecting their mental health, do see your GP and ask for a dermatologist’s referral. If you can afford it, consider going private. I know it’s an expense, but the wait lists for derms on the NHS is well over 2 years long at the moment.
Alternatively, depending on their age, you can try Skin+Me, Dermatica, or the Boots Online Clinic.

Why am I suffering from spots as an adult?
Usually hormonal. try spot treatments only, not all-over acne treatments as these will in all likelihood strip your skin.
Salicylic acid.
Acid pads daily may help.
Oil-free moisturiser.
Don’t pick as this can cause scarring. Retinoids can help scarring if you already have acne scars.

Can skincare cause breakouts?
Yes. New skincare can cause reactions. Implement one new product at a time.

Perioral Dermatitis
Check this blog post and see if it rings true: perioral dermatitis
Go to a pharmacist while you wait for a GP appointment.
And as always, change your toothpaste if it contains SLS – sodium lauryl sulfate.

What can I do about my acne?
If you’ve tried all the products, and your GP with no luck, you can always try the Boots Online Clinic. A good resource where you upload photos that are then in turn checked by medical professionals who can then prescribe you a topical medication such as DUAC or Epiduo depending on what your skin needs.


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