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I had laseMD 1927nm and excelV 532 nm on January 7. On the evening of January 26, I had a severe flushing experience. I initially thought it was my blood pressure but my face and or body have not been same. My heart Dr says I had a histamine reaction but the spa says they have never had anyone reacting 3 weeks out. I have started having heat intolerance through my whole body and flushing. I will tell you that I had a positive ANA for lupus back in 2017. I did disclose this. I am 64.

Hello, my partner he is 51 had a session on his forehead with laser for a dark mark, he went for a second session months later and now it won’t heal, as soon as it closes up a day later it opens up again and scabs this has been going on for months now, it’s as if the laser has damaged and thinned the skin so much it just can not heal. Is there an ointment you would suggest to assist in the healing process and keep it healed? Thank you Natalie

You do all of us a service by writing. Below are some ways to generally approach this type of problem.

Is this a laser problem or something else?

We are human and we have a tendency (natural) to try to link things that happen to us close together in time. An example of this might be someone who has a minor fall, and then 3-4 weeks later develops back pain. The back pain may be caused by a tumor growing there and not the fall, but it’s natural to wonder if the fall caused it. Sometimes, once we get things in our minds, it’s difficult to keep an open mind about causes.

In this first example, I agree with the spa that it’s very unlikely that 3 weeks later the very uncomfortable flushing and heat sensation is due to that. Consider consulting an endocrinologist because certain endocrine growths, a benign or malignant tumor for example, can cause flushing. Or seeing a rheumatologist regarding a possible autoimmune or medication related cause. If there is a rash or hives, a biopsy by a dermatologist may be helpful to find the cause.

Is this a known complication of a laser treatment?

Some complications are known risks of a medical intervention (laser in this case). And some complications are idiosyncratic (specific to your individual situation or healing). In the second case, if he’s healthy and has healthy skin, he should heal quite quickly after that laser. Since he isn’t healing, could this be a known complication like a low-grade Staph infection, for example? Please see your dermatologist or doctor asap to get a bacterial culture done to see if a “bad” bacteria might be growing there. Infections like that will prevent healing. I’m assuming he’s not picking at the crust (scab) in any way. I just saw a patient yesterday who’s culture was negative who’s problem is that she’s constantly picking at the area!

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Dr. Brandith Irwin



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