Laser and RF Treatments Around the Eye Area

I have had two of three treatments of Morpheus8 around my eyes. So far, it hasn’t done much. However, my concern is that I had awful bruising around my left eye, and now, three weeks later, I still have a deep red/purple mark under the left eye. No amount of makeup covers it up. If this thing stays (it does not appear to be fading), what can be done? It is now the most noticeable thing on my face! I am 72. My skin isn’t bad for my age, and I thought the Morpheus8 treatment might help improve the thin skin around my eyes a little bit. I was willing to risk “no change” but did not expect it to look worse! Thanks for any advice you can offer.

My heart goes out to you on this. Basically the Morpheus 8 is micro needling with a bit of heat added. You could perhaps say this about all RF micro needling systems, and these systems often seem the same from the marketing. However, they are engineered quite differently, and can have very different results. But how is a consumer to know this? It’s tough. Same thing for lasers. Unless you can look at a complicated spec sheet for the device and understand it, you can’t fault yourself in any way.

Just as an aside, I recently finished a re-review of the anatomy around the eyes, and it is very complicated. The skin, muscle, and fat layers are so thin. The muscular layer (think closing your eyes, squinting, etc.) is not a good target for micro needling or any HA injection. I think it’s very difficult to position a micro needling device accurately in the dermis and NOT get it in the muscle or fat. HA injections should go under the fat or just over the muscular layer – not in it.

So here are some thoughts for you:

  • Please make sure you’ve contacted your board certified dermatologist that did the treatment to let them know what happened, and to help you.
  • Your treatment was done 3 weeks ago. Usually no results (tightening) from this will be seen for at least 1-2 months.
  • Interestingly, lymphatic drainage around the eyes is easily impaired temporarily from treatments in this area. While you’re waiting to see your derm, gentle lymphatic massage twice a day may help. Using a light lotion, or HA serum very lightly (not much pressure), massage with one finger, under the eye sweeping out to your hairline.  About 5-10 seconds is good. It may help the discoloration resolve faster. More is not better!
  • Red marks may resolve more quickly with a “bruise” setting on an IPL/BBL. Your dermatologist may have one.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin

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