Fourth of July Sun Protection and… Why I Use Different Sunscreens

Hi Dr. Irwin, I was wondering why you list 2 different sunscreens in your morning skincare regime? And is this your current routine? Thank you, Sandy

As the weather gets warmer, we’ve all been seeing a lot more sunburned people. Of course, what our staff thinks when spotting a sunburn is…oh no… possibly another melanoma. Melanoma can be life threatening.

Why you don’t want a sunburn.

Sunburns have been proven to increase melanomas. Please Google the images of these: you may save a friend’s life. Unfortunately, not all melanomas look like the photos. So… if you have a spot on your skin that is growing, changing, itching more than a week, bleeding, etc., please see your doctor. If your primary care doctor seems unsure, or you are not confident about their expertise in skin, please see a dermatologist!

Buy the right sunscreen!

  • Try to find ones with fewer chemicals and that are higher in zinc or titanium. 10-20% zinc or a titanium/zinc combo is good.
  • Clothing…unless very thin… acts as a sunscreen! Even better, is clothing made for sun protection with an SPF rating.
  • Seems obvious, but with time in the water or sweating, make sure the sunscreen says it’s made for this purpose.
  • Hats with a brim are great and the wider the brim the better.
  • Buy sunscreen with an SPF 30 or greater. An SPF 30 should protect against 90-95% of the UVB… when applied properly.
  • You have to put on enough. The bottle will tell you. And reapply every 2-4 hours, depending on what you’re doing.
  • Rash guards that surfers’ wear are so great. Find one you love that covers your whole arm. I personally love this LA company’s rash guards, The Seea. Check them out!

Why do I use two different sunscreens in the morning?

Because one is untinted which I use on my neck, chest and back of my hands. And one is lightly tinted which I use on my face.

Have a great time being active… and stay sun safe!


I hope this helps!  🙂

Dr. Brandith Irwin

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