RejuvaliteMD | Red Light Therapy

Check with your doctor first if you have any of the following:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Active infection -herpes, warts, or active acne
  • Sunburn
  • Recent use of topical agents such as glycolic acids, alpha hydroxy acids, etc
  • Any recent chemical peel procedure
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Eczema, dermatitis
  • Skin cancer
  • Vascular lesions
  • Oral blood thinner medications
  • Tattoos (not effective)
  • Pregnancy
  • Use of prescription acne treatment medications within the last year
  • Family history of hypertrophic scarring or keloid formation
  • Telangiectasia/erythema may be worsened or brought out by skin exfoliation

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