I Have Endometriosis. Here Are the Excruciating Symptoms Doctors Dismissed for 10 Years – Lose Weight in Your Hips

[ad_1] Soon after that appointment, I had a really bad flare. I couldn’t walk. I was beyond dizzy, and it was just so painful that I thought I was dying. I headed back to the ER, where a doctor said, “You might want to look into interstitial cystitis,” a chronic condition that causes bladder pain, … Read more

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Fast—And Get Back to Breathing Normally – Lose Weight in Your Hips

[ad_1] Blowing your nose to oblivion without dislodging any of the snot clogging it is the physiological equivalent of screaming into the void: Sheer force won’t change the reality of what you’re dealing with. In the blocked-nose situation, at least, you’ve got other options. There are easy, effective ways to help you inhale normally, even … Read more

Scheduling a Weekly ‘House Meeting’ With My Partner Changed My Damn Life – Lose Weight in Your Hips

[ad_1] Plus, when you bring up relationship concerns or life logistics on the fly, there’s a good chance you won’t effectively hear one another. “You can miss what each other’s saying because you’re not primed for attentive listening or you feel infringed upon—like, there you are trying to have your moment and someone is poking … Read more

How to Follow the WNBA Draft If You’re Newly Obsessed With Women’s Basketball – Lose Weight in Your Hips

[ad_1] If all the excitement of NCAA March Madness has you newly invested in women’s basketball, you’re not alone. Literally millions of other Americans have jumped on board too, thanks in no small part to the fervor surrounding the tournament—and the spotlight shining on amazing athletes like Caitlin Clark, Paige Bueckers, Angel Reese, and others. … Read more

‘Possibly Counterfeit’ Botox Has Been Linked to Hospitalizations and Illness in 2 States – Lose Weight in Your Hips

[ad_1] And regardless of where you live, there are a handful of smart ways to ensure you’re getting the real deal from a legit injector—and that you don’t live with regret. Know that credentials come first. From a medical standpoint, you’ll be safest if your provider is board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology or … Read more

On Just Made Its First-Ever Gym Shoe—Here’s How The Cloudpulse Looks, Feels, and Performs During Workouts – Lose Weight in Your Hips

[ad_1] I wouldn’t say these shoes felt marshmallowy soft, like you’d expect with max-cushioned running shoes. But they also didn’t feel like weightlifting shoes either—those tend to be stiffer, flatter to the ground, and generally not something you’d want to spend lots of time in when you’re not strength training. I’d consider the Cloudpulses comfy, … Read more