Best anti-aging creams for men 2022: For sensitive to oily skin

Growing old might be unavoidable, but looking old? Well, there are definitely a few things you can do about that. You can’t completely halt the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or ages spots, of course, but with the right anti-ageing products you can at least slow the progress.

Such is the allure of the anti-ageing promise that there are scores of wrinkle-busting, complexion enhancing, skin protecting products on the market for men now – from fancy-pants serums to overnight rescue balms and revitalising skin peels – but perhaps the most useful weapon a man can have in his anti-ageing armoury is a decent daily face cream.

On a very basic level using a moisturiser – any kind of moisturiser – will help bolster the skin’s naturally protective barrier and help it retain moisture, which is important because adequately hydrated skin tends to look plumper and younger. What makes anti-ageing moisturisers different from ordinary ones, however, are the added active ingredients – one of the key reasons they often cost a little more than standard moisturisers.

According to renowned NYC Dermatologist, pioneering researcher and clinician, Dr Anthony Rossi, a key one to look out for is Hyaluronic Acid. “It’s a workhorse moisturiser which has the ability to bind water strongly and is already in our dermis so applying it topically will help to moisturise the skin and improve its barrier function,” he says. Anything that supports collagen production is useful too, while Rossi also recommends opting for a cream featuring a built in UVA/UVB sunscreen if you want to minimise premature ageing.

“Many clinical studies have shown that the use of UV protection can minimise the signs of ageing by helping block the sun’s rays from reaching the DNA in our skin and prevent the associated photoaging that goes with that,” he says. Question is, which cream do you choose? Luckily, we’ve tried some of the best anti-ageing lotions and potions out there so you don’t have to.

How we tested

It’s hard to say, conclusively, what results any anti-ageing product delivers but it is possible to rate them based on immediate results, the kind of anti-ageing ingredients they pack and, of course, overall value-for-money, because there’s nothing more ageing than an overdraft. So, here goes…

The best men’s anti-ageing creams for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Nivea Men anti-age hyaluron face moisturising cream SPF15: £6.49,
  • Best for guys over 40 – Shiseido men total revitalizer cream: £63.20,
  • Best refillable product – Lab Series anti-age max LS lotion: £61.20,
  • Best budget buy – Bulldog age defence moisturiser: £8.40,
  • Best dermatologist brand –  Dr Dennis Gross ferulic + retinol anti-aging moisturiser: £107.99,
  • Best premium product – Patricks AM1 anti-aging moisturiser: £88,
  • Best mid-priced anti-ageing moisturiser – Wellman anti-ageing moisturiser: £16.75,
  • Best for outdoorsy types – Dermalogica age smart dynamic skin recovery SPF: £58.65,
  • Best multi-tasker – Auden age defence face cream + SPF 30: £50,
  • Best organic product – Vitruvian man organic grooming resurrection cream SPF20: £52,
  • Best for guys with a stubble – Mojo anti-ageing moisturiser: £10,
  • Best small batch product – Pelegrims facial balm: £45,
  • Best organic option – Green People scent free anti-ageing 24-hour cream: £17.89,
  • Best for firming – ClarinsMen hydra-sculpt: £36,

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