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Beauty Pie is essentially a beauty club, where you pay a yearly fee to get access to lab-direct prices. The Beauty Pie range has grown exponentially since launch and they now have a whole host of skincare, haircare, bodycare and more. Trust me when I say you will find what you’re looking for at Beauty Pie.

The brand-new Beauty Pie Youth Bomb 360 Radiance Concentrate Serum has been 3 years in the making and is one of their most advanced skincare formula to date.

The efficacious formula contains 15 actives including:

  • A powerful phyto extract that provides emollient, moisturising and soothing effects.
  • A synthetic hexapeptide with skin brightening and antioxidant benefits.
  • A marine active with high content in proteins and eps. reinforces the structural integrity and elasticity of the skin and boosts the epidermal cohesion and barrier function.
  • Active marine biotechnology that recharges, firms and strengthens the skin by helping boost protein synthesis.
  • An elastic, flexible oat-derived molecule for an immediate firming effect.
  • A powerful, soothing phyto extract.

The active ingredients help to visibly firm and lift the skin, act as an antioxidant and brighten and hydrate the skin. Each ingredient has been selected for its ability to help to reflect light – leaving you with a mega glow.

Dr. Andrew Markey, Consultant Dermatologist who helped to formulate the product describes it as ‘less about anti-ageing and more about making the skin glow, radiate and ultimately reflect light better’ which in turn, will help your skin look instantly brighter and younger.

The trials on this are brilliant, with 91% saying skin looked smoother, 86% saying skin looked brighter and 76% saying their skin looked younger.

The serum is suitable for all skin types and ages, but it is particularly suited to anyone concerned with visible signs of ageing and lacking their ‘glow’. MY PEOPLE! Use it before moisturiser and SPF in the morning, or straight after cleansing/mist in the evening. You can use this before or after your retinol if you would like.

As always, if you have a Beauty Pie subscription, you will get this at 75% off the retail price, making it £44.00, or if you don’t, the serum is £185.00. If you’re not signed up already, you can use code CAROLINESENTME at checkout for £10 off your membership.


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