5 Treatment Options for Improving Skin Texture

Are there things that can be done to improve my skin texture?

After talking to many patients, we often mean different things when we say “texture”. I do think we all know what we’re going for. We want our skin to be smooth, have a healthy glow, have enough oil, but not too much. Here are the things that seem to interfere with us getting there, and ideas for solutions.

5 Ideas for Texture Problems

  1. Pores are too large.  Pore size is related to oil production, which is largely genetic, and acne. What can you do? Keep that acne under really good control because the more inflammation down in those pores, the wider they will get. See you doctor to help with acne. If it’s oil, try washing gently several times a day, using retinols, and/or hydroxy acids to keep sebum build up down, and consider talking to your doctor about medications that might help; like spironolactone. The Shiseido blotting papers are a good alternative to over powdering. Fraxels, Thermage and BBLs may help, but you’ll need a good dermatologist for this.
  2. Small yellowish bumps. Skin cancers can mimic these, so please don’t self diagnosis. These are enlarged oil glands which gradually grow and increase over time. Some people have just a few and others have dozens. They can be removed by melting (hyfercator) the top down to level and then trying to extract the “coil” underneath with a comedone extractor, or with an expert using a CO2 laser. They scab and look awful for a week or so, but then much better. Again, experts only please. You’ll need a derm.
  3. Larger lumps or bumps. These are harder because the possible skin cancer issue is important. Most can be removed or improved with a biopsy, shave excision, or regular excision.  There will always be some sort of scar, even if nearly invisible, so you want the scar to look much better than the growth. See a dermatologist.
  4. Tiny brown raised spotsThese usually run in the family, and may be stucco keratoses. Again…please no self diagnosis. They can be removed in the ways mentioned in #2, but also need careful management to avoid post healing pigment problems.
  5. Dullness.  Usually caused by one of three things – over exfoliation, under exfoliation, or poor health/circulation. Skin loves good circulation. Try to get that heart rate up at least 4 times a week even if for just 10 minutes. You can ride a stationary bike, jog, dance in your kitchen, etc. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get your heart rate up enough to sweat a little. The biggest problem recently seems to be over exfoliation. If you are using a retinoid, or hydroxy acid regularly, they exfoliate you. No scrubs more than once a week, gently, unless you have super oily skin. Check out some of our products that target oily and acne prone skin. If you’re not sure where you are with this, try 1-2 weeks of skin rest and you’ll know. Skin rest is just gentle cleanser, moisturizer and your sunscreen.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith

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